Our Story

Hi, we’re Tom and Alex, Co-Founders of Muse.

We’ve been friends since high school, 25 years and counting.

We each took a different path in life. Alex went down the “traditional” corporate executive road, working in consumer package goods for major companies such as Red Bull, Loblaws, and Kraft. 

Tom went in the direction of art and design, starting as a freelance designer before eventually co-founding two successful e-commerce art brands.

At the height of Covid, with both of us working from home and navigating a stressful, mid-pandemic world, we began using products to help us “get by”, just like a large and growing number of people in society.

We’re talking sugary, artificial energy drinks to help get through the work from home day as well as a countless number of supplements, sleep aids and CBD products to promote relaxation and relieve stress.

We quickly realized that this artificial, self-medicating approach was having a negative effect on our minds and bodies and sought a better solution. This is when the Muse concept was born.

We began to work on Muse in the middle of the pandemic (everyone loves a challenge!) and launched in 2021.

Muse is an alternative. An alternative to a number of harmful products, using organic, plant-based ingredients combined with natural flavors to provide a delicious, carbonated water beverage with functional benefits. Whether you need quick energy, a focused mind or seeking relaxation at the end of a tough day, Muse is there for you. Live inspired.

- Tom & Alex